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“Premium Power Solutions Limited is a specialist company focused on temporary power (generator rentals), maintenance & sales.”

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Lighting up Nigeria since 2017

Premium Power Solutions Limited has supported over 4,000 events and businesses since 2017.

We are a leading independent service company; located in the southwest region of Nigeria. We specialise in powering homes, offices, companies, events, multi-site, and mission-critical facilities, with a focus on service over sales.

We are able to deploy tailored solutions in case of emergencies or planned power supply.

Amongst our team are talented and hands-on technicians with a cumulative experience of over 20 years.

Our generator rental arm is home to one of the largest fleets in the region with a rental capacity from 7KVA to 650KVA, and we are able to power up to 1500KVA in a single event by deploying multiple generators. 

We work daily to be the country’s most reliable, proactive, innovative company and we are passionate about grooming the next generations of talented technicians. Hence our technical apprenticeship program.

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It functioned well, thank you. The technician was very professional and helpful.

Hello, good afternoon. The generator functioned well and rendered fantastic services. Thank you


Delivery time varies based on factor such as time of the day. However, we strive to deilver onsite within 2hrs of an emergency notification.

No it doesn’t. However, we can purchase diesel on behalf of the customer, but it attracts an additional cost.

We have from 7KVA-650KVA, but we can power up to 1,500KVA deploying multiple generator set.

The cost of a generator rental depends on the capacity the customer requested. Once the capacity is decided, a quote will be sent detailing the cost.

A technician is assigned to every generator who will install, monitor and disconnect the generator after use.

It will be delivered to you by our team.

Yes. For event customers we deliver 6pm the day before the event. 

This is to ensure the test running of all the equipment.

When we quote for contingency, it is because of our experince with certain locations. Some locations require contingency while some do not.

If we quote for contingency for some locations, that means it will not be refundable.

The size of generator you need will be based on the items to be powered. if you furnish us with that information our team of experts will recommend the size needed.

100% payment before delivery.

It is very unlikely the genertor will shut down because all our generators are brand new and we adhere to global standard of generator maintenance.

Cost of repair is based on the scope of repair. Once that has been identified, a quote will be sent detailing the cost.

We are specialized in repair of all brand of generators.

We sell brand new generator of all brands.

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