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We are the power solutions you need

Premium Power Solutions Ltd is a tech-enabled company that provides reliable temporary power solutions to businesses that need it whenever and wherever they need it.

We specialise in powering homes, offices, events, multi-sites, and mission critical facilities with a focus on service over sales

our vision

To have a Nigeria where premium power solutions limited is key to ensuring that electricity is readily available and accessible to all in a reliable manner.

our culture

At premium power solutions limited, we believe in respect and openness to each other, being accountable and diligent at work with consistency whilst having fun at it.

What makes us different

Our technology, gives you total control of your generator rental and maintenance journey. You can track the delivery, installation and maintenance of your generator with just one click.

This tech-feature in our service is our promise of NO STORY service to you. So, whether you need the generator for your construction sites, business, residential, office, events, we’ve got you covered.

Years Of Experience

Premium Power Solutions Limited has supported over 3,500 events and businesses since 2017.

We Know What To Do

With over 20yrs of experience in our team, we can provide you with top-notch service that meets your needs.

You can call on us 24/7 and we will be there.

Meet Our CEO

Ejiroghene Udu

Founder and CEO of Premium Power Solutions Limited

Ejiro CEO

Words that aptly describe Ejiro, include purpose-driven, focus, resilience, drive, and grit!

An avid advocate for personal development and growth, Ejiroghene Udu popularly known as ‘’The Generator Girl’’ is an executive MBA student at the prestigious Lagos Business School while running her company, Premium Power Solution Limited(PPS Ltd) as CEO.

A company that offers an array of power solutions in form of power rentals, renewable energy, generator sales, and preventive and reactive generator maintenance. Her goal is to ensure that businesses continue to thrive without losing their market share due to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

PPS Ltd was born out of the desire to provide a solution to the prevalent power supply challenges in Nigeria. This vision was birthed in early 2016 and with determination, her vision continues to thrive as it meets the relevant need for electricity supply for individuals and businesses across the country.

As an entrepreneur, Ejiro is constantly recognized for smashing sales quotas, developing new business strategies, and establishing professional, yet endearing relationships with her clients and employees. At her core, she is a sales engine and has served in that capacity across several industries in Nigeria.

A serial entrepreneur, Ejiro doubles as the Head of Sales and Projects at Design Fairy Studio a company she runs with her twin sister. She is also the C.E.O of Jirella Farm Ltd, her family’s business which is set up to contribute to food security and ensure that Lagosians have access to fresh produce and livestock that is traceable. She also runs a non-profit organisation called the Lift-A- Girl program which seeks to empower women with skills and funds to thrive and impact their circle of influence.

Ejiro enjoys playing lawn tennis, traveling, dancing and engaging in activities that promote personal development. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and two beautiful children.

Reviews From Our
Satisfied Clients

"No stories! They deliver on time. So reliable"

The generator was on point and so neat! I was scared of the noise disturbing our guests, but hell no! It was so cool, and it worked so perfectly. And your generator guy. He was always on standby and so professional. It's my first time working with you, and it was perfect!

“The Premium Generators vide their MD The Generator-Girl (AKA EJIRO UDU) sold our Startup Business a Generator about 2years ago. I can confidently say the Generator has functioned perfectly, not a single problems, the fuel consumption is flawless and it fits perfectly into our plans. Thanks a zillion for a nice job.”

Good Morning, your service was top-notch. At first, I was sceptical as to what you would offer in the quest to create a favourable experience for my clients at our event but glad you did extremely well. From the customer representative officer to the technical, I’m fulfilled, it was a well-delivered service. Kudos! With this, you’re sure that I’m one of your new and loyal customers. Keep up the good work, Cheers!

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