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We’re experts that stand by our customers and the community. So if the worst does happen, we can put our people and equipment into action – fast and safely.

Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll work out the best temporary power plan for you.

Our Rental Process

Place a Call

Call or send a message: detailing the generator specifications, the equipment or appliances to be powered, the location of delivery, and any other special request

Get Confirmation Email

Receive email: Get an Email to confirm your booking, alongside a quotation

Receive Invoice

Get an invoice: To facilitate payment

Make Payment

Make payment: Use your preferred payment platform and send proof of payment


Generator delivery: Prompt delivery to your location

Generator Rentals

With our generator rental unit, you get access to reliable temporary power solutions for businesses that need it whenever and wherever they need it.
Our technology, gives you total control of your generator rental journey. Once booking is confirmed, you can track the delivery and installation of your generator with just one click.
This feature in our service is our promise of NO STORY generator rental service to you. So, whether you need the generator for your construction sites, business, residential, office or events, we’ve got you covered.

Generator Maintenance

The benefits that come with signing up for our generator maintenance services are mind-blowing!
• Your generator handler is taught basic troubleshooting techniques to make sure that the generator doesn't encounter prolonged downtime.
• You get real-time reports about the condition of your generator, and you can obtain live reports on the updates of your generator for a particular period. For example, the number of times your generator has been serviced from January to December and how much has been spent for that duration.
• 24/7 access to our customer care lines
• 20% off rental should your generator require planned maintenance that would keep it offline for a period.
Tell me, why struggle with generator downtimes when your generators can function more efficiently when you SWITCH to us.

Consultation/Power up Audit

Contact us for expert advice


Premium Generator rental

Providing temporary power planning for power failure