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Hybrid power is getting increasingly popular and I decided to write about it after attending an event organised by Powr2.

Let me start by defining it.

Hybrid power is the combination of two or more energy technologies to increase system efficiency.

 I personally think that the hybrid concept can provide a high level of power security especially in a clime like ours. I started using it 3 years ago and I can testify to the level of power security I enjoy in my home.

According to Powr2 the hybrid concept is a seem-less cycle and it basically entails 3 steps:

STEP 1: The Generator or solar supplies power to the Energy storage (Inverter batteries) and excess power is used to recharge it and this you can do whilst using it

STEP 2: When the batteries are full, the generator is switched off and the Inverter batteries provides silent power to the Load.

STEP 3 When the batteries are almost depleted, the power bank restarts the generator and the cycle goes.

 Hybrid Power has huge benefits and and I have listed 5 below:

1. It is environmentally friendly because the diesel engine is not required to run continuously, greatly reducing CO² Emissions.

2. Low Noise pollution

3. Low fuel consumption: Your generator set will obviously not run as frequently as it does normally.

4. Uninterrupted power supply: The system can set up in such a way that it can automatically detect a power outage and immediately supply power to your home, business or construction site.

5. Low maintenance which saves a lot of cost.

Let me know if this was an insightful read.


References: Powr2, American Rental Society

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